My 12 year old son repairing his retro Aprilia Climber 250.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


He was very busy in school and Judo that it took him several months to ride his bike again. He often mentioned that he really wanted to ride and was worried that his bike might not start if it slept too long again. 

My son often rides dirtbikes but since his bike now is a Trials bike, he really wanted to learn how to do front-ups and wheelies. This tiny log became his best friend that day and he repeatedly practiced for hours. At first, he rode it like a dirtbike but slowly he was able to do it properly. His best wheelie that day was only about 10 meters w/c is good for a beginner I guess...

After practicing front-ups, it became more easier for him to ride over small obstacles like these rocks. 

He had a hard time learning how to ride slow and all in first gear. He said that it was very different compared to a dirtbike where 2nd and 3rd gear are commonly used. 

He crashed many times that day but he said that he was happy to learn new stuffs and would like to ride again soon. Going home, I was so tired and sleepy driving the car but he kept me from sleeping because I really couldn't make him stop talking about how he enjoyed the ride, newer tricks, the crashes he had, the repairs and modifications that he plans to do on his bike... When we reached home, I was ready to pass dinner and just dive in bed but his mom joined in and we then again talked about bikes and other stuffs for another 3 hours. We really had a good time that day...

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