My 12 year old son repairing his retro Aprilia Climber 250.

Monday, October 11, 2010

son testing his repairs

After several minutes of riding he finally got some smile on his face and was enjoying testing his bike. 
You might be curious about the bandage on his right arm, he got his arm injured from doing Judo a few weeks back. He said it still hurts but never when he is riding???  

Photo taken a week after and he is still having a hard time with the left kick starter but is getting better riding in slow speed and dodging cars and bikes. Usually he often gets the engine to stall but not today, probably because his friends (all girls?) were watching??? 

He is having troubles testing his bike inside the small lot at low speed. He is used riding in open off-road areas where he doesn't have to dodge anything except for trees and boulders. Since this is his first time to ride a Trials bike, he said that the bike feels funny compared to dirtbikes. He often gets the engine to stall and have to struggle with the left kick starter. 

Bikes that have kick starters on the left is a big NO for me. I had several Beta Techno and 1 Beta Rev 3 with kick starters on the left but never got used to them. Betas are excellent bikes for Trials but I always have a hard time starting them. My son too had a hard time getting used to the Aprilia's left kick starter but is a lot better than me.

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