My 12 year old son repairing his retro Aprilia Climber 250.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


He was very busy in school and Judo that it took him several months to ride his bike again. He often mentioned that he really wanted to ride and was worried that his bike might not start if it slept too long again. 

My son often rides dirtbikes but since his bike now is a Trials bike, he really wanted to learn how to do front-ups and wheelies. This tiny log became his best friend that day and he repeatedly practiced for hours. At first, he rode it like a dirtbike but slowly he was able to do it properly. His best wheelie that day was only about 10 meters w/c is good for a beginner I guess...

After practicing front-ups, it became more easier for him to ride over small obstacles like these rocks. 

He had a hard time learning how to ride slow and all in first gear. He said that it was very different compared to a dirtbike where 2nd and 3rd gear are commonly used. 

He crashed many times that day but he said that he was happy to learn new stuffs and would like to ride again soon. Going home, I was so tired and sleepy driving the car but he kept me from sleeping because I really couldn't make him stop talking about how he enjoyed the ride, newer tricks, the crashes he had, the repairs and modifications that he plans to do on his bike... When we reached home, I was ready to pass dinner and just dive in bed but his mom joined in and we then again talked about bikes and other stuffs for another 3 hours. We really had a good time that day...

Monday, October 11, 2010

first off-road test ride

This was his first time to ride on small rocks and at first he looked worried but since it's a Trials bike, he has to ride it like a Trials bike...

I don't know why he kept on riding on the same rocks again and again. Probably he felt safer riding here that trying the bigger rocks... hahaha!

This area is owned my my senior who loves Trials. My son riding on a slightly bigger rock section than the photos above. I think he's getting the hang of it :)

He still rides his bike like a dirtbike and stays away from tight areas. He said that tight inclined areas freaks him out :)

After the ride, he said that he really enjoyed riding and would like to ride more next time.

He got himself injured doing Judo again (bandage on his right leg) and this ride is basically for his right leg's rehabilitation. a week ago he was walking with crutches but he seems OK riding bikes???

son testing his repairs

After several minutes of riding he finally got some smile on his face and was enjoying testing his bike. 
You might be curious about the bandage on his right arm, he got his arm injured from doing Judo a few weeks back. He said it still hurts but never when he is riding???  

Photo taken a week after and he is still having a hard time with the left kick starter but is getting better riding in slow speed and dodging cars and bikes. Usually he often gets the engine to stall but not today, probably because his friends (all girls?) were watching??? 

He is having troubles testing his bike inside the small lot at low speed. He is used riding in open off-road areas where he doesn't have to dodge anything except for trees and boulders. Since this is his first time to ride a Trials bike, he said that the bike feels funny compared to dirtbikes. He often gets the engine to stall and have to struggle with the left kick starter. 

Bikes that have kick starters on the left is a big NO for me. I had several Beta Techno and 1 Beta Rev 3 with kick starters on the left but never got used to them. Betas are excellent bikes for Trials but I always have a hard time starting them. My son too had a hard time getting used to the Aprilia's left kick starter but is a lot better than me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

testing his bike

Next was for me to check his bike... engine is OK, clutch OK, chain adjustment OK, lights and electronics OK, suspension OK, brakes OK! 

After finishing his repairs, he took his bike for a spin to check if everything is in order.

bike setting

 doing some final adjustments 

This was just after he finished checking the carburetor, spark plug, changing the gear box oil and LLC (long life coolant). Here he is checking some wires for connectivity.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

changing the brake fluid

front and rear brake fluid change

front brake

rear brake

rear brake

cleaning the brake 

Friday, May 14, 2010

front tire inner tube replacement

The rim was full of dirt and sand so my son had to clean the rim using a brass wire brush and a scraper before installing the tire.

After having practiced with lots of bicycle and motorcycle tire replacements, he seems to be getting better doing it. He just hates replacing off road tires especially trials and motocross competition tires because the tires are harder compared to normal tires.

He had a problem getting one part of the tire's side to seat in the rim. First he tried using water and soap but it didn't work so he tried using tire cream but still it didn't work. Then he used deep penetrating oil (WD-40 / CRC) and finally got the tire sides to sit in properly on the rim. 

He looks happy that he finally got it right.